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Looking for the best car wash nearby? Offering brushless touchless car washes and Express 5 min drive through car washes. Angeleno’s Agree – Spot Free Car wash is the best car wash near me!
Whether you’re asking what’s the “best car wash in Los Angeles”, or “How to find a Car Wash Membership near me” …we’ve got you! Expect Quality, Value, + Satisfaction, with every Spot Free finish!

Wash Club Membership Subscription

5 Minute Drive Through Wash Under $5


Under $1 Washes?

Using our wash membership subscription, you can get a 5 min car wash, under $1 per wash. Achieved by using a monthly pass, and washing daily. Compare Brushless vs Express.


The best nearby $5 car wash!



Brushless Car Wash Near Me

Best Touch-less Wash Nearby

Offering nearby touch-less car washes at 3 locations.

Perfect for Teslas, Exotics, or vehicles requiring brushless no-touch.


Efficient water metering, energy consumption, & quality soap with no toxic run-off.

SFC’s the best Eco-friendly brushless car wash near me.



Wash Membership Subscription

Best Rated Car Wash Near Me

Get a 5 Star Wash in 5 Minutes!


Learn about best car wash near me offers See how our Los Angeles car wash works Affordable rates, yet strong customer satisfaction. Most locations – 5 star rated best car wash near me reviews.


Fast, clean, professional care nearby Los Angeles & La Brea.

Use our nearby car wash locator to find the location nearest to you. Get a 5 Star Wash in 5 Minutes!


We’ll have you in-out less than 5 mins! Fast, clean, professional care nearby Los Angeles. If unhappy, let us know, and we’ll make it right!

Wash Club Membership Coupon Promo Offers    

First time wash club members get the best deals. » View our Car Wash coupons promo offers.
Our Express locations will have you out in about 2 mins, and with a car wash club membership, for less as low as under $1 per day (select packages).

Los Angeles Car Wash Memberships – Go Unlimited!


Spot Free Car makes it Easy! Life gets busy and time is limited, but the washes you get with our Spot Free Monthly Wash Membership, are unlimited!


Monthly memberships streamline the car cleaning process, allowing you to get through the tunnel then on with your day, as often as you need.


Unlimited Car Wash Memberships are available at all 7 Los Angeles locations.

Keep it simple. Stay Spot Free!

Value & Satisfaction

Choose from 3 easy membership options.
Each wash club tier suits specific car wash needs. The higher tiers provide better car wash membership value.
You can wash up to once per day! Unlimited days per month, for one membership fee.

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March 28, 2024

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