Brushless Car Wash For Exotics or Tesla

Owning a Tesla or an exotic car may mean concerns when it comes to choosing a car wash that’s reliable for Exotic cars… Spot Free Car wash offers a Touch-less or Brushless Car Wash experience to better care for exotics and Teslas.

Here at Spot Free Car wash we know how important it is to provide the exact care needed for each car! Which is why our car wash stations offer a touch free, brushless drive through washes perfect for exotics / Teslas. Ensuring piece of mind with concerns of damaging your beautiful car, allowing you to wash your exotic or Tesla worry free!

Our Brushless Car Wash is exclusively designed for preserving the body shine and paint integrity of your exotic / Tesla. Your car’s exterior detail preservation is important to us!

You can purchase this service on site or her – Buy Monthly Pass Car Wash Subscription. We offer different monthly subscription options for a low yet value driven cost. We also offer single use, gift cards, and wash packages (multiple washes in one set like 10), whichever suits your requirements. We urge all our customers to try the service, but we have a very high rate of satisfaction amongst monthly subscription car wash customers – see Los Angeles Car Wash Reviews.


Reviews for Tesla or Exotics Car Wash

When we tell you that this is the best Brushless Exotics and Tesla Car Wash, we mean it but you don’t have to take our words for it. Read what our customers have to say! (You can find these reviews on Yelp and Google Reviews).

“No brushes to damage your automobile or that beautiful paint on your car.   My car looks like it had been washed, no streaks and has a large heated blower to dry your car off on your way out.  I have a Lexus RX350 and it does the whole auto.”


Learn More:

Interested in the details of why brushless is good for your car? Learn more about why brushless drive through washes are good for Tesla’s / Exotics, by viewing a detailed video of the touch-less wash process – Brushless Car Wash Los Angeles.

La Brea Ave. LA Car Wash – Full Service Detailing:

Receive full service detailing at our La Brea location perfect for your exotic car wash experience. The La Brea Spot Free location also offers a brushless car wash, whcih allows touch free spot free wash for your tesla or exotic car. Wherever you are in Los Angeles, we have a location nearby for you. Stop by and see us or purchase a car wash monthly pass subscription or single car wash here.