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For a limited time, Join the Wash Offers club to get a Single FREE CAR WASH (Extreme Shine – $36 value). Use at any of our 7 Los Angeles locations. Completely FREE, no purchase required!

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Join our list to be instantly emailed or texted with a scan-able FREE WASH redemption code to use at any of Los Angeles’ best car washes. The Wash club allows savings and promo offer coupons opportunities for single car wash, nearby membership subscription car wash deals, and more. Offering touch-free brushless and express car wash options at 7 location throughout Greater Los Angeles.

We currently offer savings promotions through nearby car wash coupons to new customers. Spot Free is proud to now be offering Los Angeles the best monthly pass subscription car wash nearby. 6 LA locations, use a monthly pass at any of them, even daily! Our monthly subscription washes are less than $5, while Express washes are less than 5 minutes. Buy car wash monthly pass subscription.

SFC prides itself on customer service, if you’re not happy, we’ll make it right!

– from the CEO – Matt Pouldar

Whether you are using a brushless wash option nearby, or an express car wash location near you, SFC has you covered. Our La Brea location offers full service detailing, and we have two brushless / touch free car washes in Culver City. We look forward to seeing you, you can always purchase a monthly pass subscription online now before you visit any location to have your RFID tags installed on your car, for future wash subscription monthly use.

Best Drive Through Car Wash Standards:

We use fine modern car wash products and boast a strong customer service in our reviews (« link to reviews page).
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